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Unleash the Power of Glutathione

This spray contains the highest-quality glutathione, the “Master Antioxidant” that flushes free radicals out of your body, promotes detoxification, and empowers your immunity.

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What Is Glutathione?

Dr. Patel developed the topical glutathione product in 2011 to create products to help the body function at an optimal level and reduce the long-term impact of stress on the body.

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Dr. Nayan Patel

Founder/ Co-Inventor

How Glutathione Benefits You

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that offers a range of benefits that have captured the attention of the health, wellness, and beauty industries. Here are Glutathione’s benefits of Glutathione that you need to know.

Glutathione activates immune cells to protect your body from microbes.

Glutathione helps you fall asleep faster, wake up feeling more refreshed, and recover quicker after exercise.

Glutathione promotes liver health and boosts the detoxification process of heavy metals, pollutants, and drugs. 

Glutathione protects your cells and body from oxidative stress and free radical damage, allowing you to have healthier cells to promote longevity. 

Enjoy Life More with Glutathione! It promotes cellular health and supports the function of Vitamins C and E.

Glutathione promotes a more even skin tone, protects the skin against UV damage, & unblocks pores.

The paucity of knowledge and understanding about this miracle antioxidant, I understand it to be the most prevalent antioxidant in the human body. Every single cell in our bodies contains Glutathione. It’s manufactured by our liver but I feel like its the Mother of ALL antioxidants that MOST people have never heard of.  


From Our Customers

Sharon Currie
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“After just one month using this product, the 60+ year old skin all over my entire body has transformed back into the skin of my 20’s. Not even joking or exaggerating. It is a miracle. And that’s just what I can see and feel. Who knows what other improvements are happening on the inside. I am sleeping better for sure. I am a customer for life. Thank you Dr. Patel for creating a miracle in a bottle.”
Rory Carruthers
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I’ve struggled with brain fog and fatigue for the past two years. Seventeen doctors and hundreds of tests during this period, and I still had no answers. I’ve been desperate for a solution and to feel like my old self again. Dr. Patel and his Glutaryl formula ended that desperation. Brain fog and fatigue were gone within days. In fact, I woke up on day two, and my brain was firing in ways it hadn’t in the last two years. I have a sense of clarity in my thoughts, my energy has been restored, and I feel like the person I used to be all thanks to Glutaryl and Dr. Patel.
Blair Grant Nurse Practitioner 
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I am a functional health nurse practitioner who believes in personally testing products before prescribing them to patients whenever possible. About six months ago, I began using a product called Glutaryl. Prior to this, I had been taking N-acetylcysteine (NAC) and oral glutathione, but the shift to Glutaryl marked a significant improvement in my overall well-being. Even more remarkable, I witnessed notable improvements in my lab results
Ligia Sommers
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I saw the product on Dave Asprey’s podcast and gave it a try . My sleep really improved ( I monitor it with Ouraring) , so now I subscribed . The emails are short and informative , the product is excellent. Yes , there is a smell , but I use it at bed time , so no problem . Love it !
Tara West
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The transdermal spray is truly transformative. Knowing I have a genetic variant that inhibits efficient glutathione production, I have tried several versions of glutathione supplements. After just one application, I immediately felt more energy and use it religiously every day. As a Functional Nutritionist I have incorporated it into my clinical practice for clients who are struggling with inflammation, energy levels and toxins with incredible results. This is a game changer!!
Liliana Castro
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7 days of using on my autistic 4 year old son and he started singing again!! I have applied 2 sprays in my 4 year old autistic son’s tummy day and night for the past 7 days, and I kid you not, my son started singing again! He is saying many words, having a perfect eye contact, sleeping A LOT LOT LOT BETTER, like I can’t believe it! I really think this is something very powerful and I want to help getting the word out!

Why oral/liposomal supplements won't get your the results you want.

When you use Glutaryl and Glutaryl+ you can be assured that our Auro GSH Antioxidant delivery system provides the most Glutathione to your body. Our Sub-Nano Technology ensures that every penny spent on Glutaryl, and Glutaryl+ provides you with the most active ingredient on the market. 

How To Get The Best Glutathione Into My Body?

The digestive system is very good at breaking down and absorbing products from the diet. But the problem is that most oral Glutathione supplements are broken down in the gut and this leads to a lack of active ingredient in your blood. This reduces the effectiveness of most glutathione tablets, rendering them a waste of money!

Find The Right Spray For You.

Every plan comes with a 30-days Money Back Guarantee


$119.95 Per bottle
glutaryl bottle


$199.95 Per bottle

Glutaryl+ is about 1.75 times more concentrated than Glutaryl.

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