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What is Glutaryl?

Glutaryl is a patented technology of stabilized Glutathione that is delivered through your skin.

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH) is a naturally occurring tri-peptide amino acid (protein)  that is naturally produced in every cell of our body and is often referred to as the “Master Antioxidant.” GSH’s is the master detoxifier as it grabs on to waste of various toxins and flushes it out of the body.

Want to learn more about Glutathione?

Check out the Glutathione Revolution, a book by Dr. Nayan Patel. The book explores the many benefits of Glutathione and how to increase your levels naturally.

What are the specific benefits of Glutathione?
  • Supports liver and detoxification
  • Improves athletic performance & speeds recovery
  • Boosts immune function
  • Increases energy
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces Toxins

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If my body produces Glutathione naturally, why do I need Glutaryl?

The need for Glutathione is higher than what our body can produce. Glutathione production in your body decreases as you age and with the amount of toxins in the modern world from air pollution to processed foods to sun exposure, individuals are encountering more toxins on a daily level. Without supplementation, the need for the Glutathione increases and the body production decreases leading to a gap that develops into issues that your body can not handle. That is where the need of Glutaryl comes into play.

What is Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress is an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants  in your body. Free radicals are created when you experience physical stress, emotional stress, or chemical stress and they need to be quenched by antioxidants like Glutathione to filter thought your body. When the free radicals are so high with not enough antioxidants to reduce it, an imbalance occurs which is called Oxidative stress. Over time, oxidative stress puts a burden on your body to deal with and your body is not equipped to deal with it.

Why is Glutaryl better than other Glutathione products?

Most Glutathione supplements available are capsules and liposomal liquids that as soon as it goes through your mouth to your digestive system your stomach breaks down the protein into various amino acids. Glutaryl, with its patented technology, is able to deliver the Glutathione intact through your skin. This is why it is the most absorbable product on the market.

What are the ingredients in the products? How are they sourced? What is the quality?

All the active ingredients are pharmaceutical grade. Our researcher/ pharmacist meticulously ensures all ingredients are the purest and highest grade available for our products.

Are there any contraindications?

You should not use this product if you are allergic to any of the components. The only concern with this product is some develop a rash due to high concentrations of Glutathione. If that happens, reduce the dose, stop the product, and/or consult your physician.

How to use Glutaryl and Glutaryl+?

For Glutaryl, we recommend four sprays, 2 times a day. This supplement will keep your glutathione levels balanced and provide you with the benefits that the super antioxidant has to offer.

For GlutarRyl+, the higher dosage of Glutathione is best used to jumpstart your levels if you have never been taking the supplement before. We recommend 4 sprays, 2 times a day as well. After 3-6 months of this, you can change to GlutaRlyl to maintain your levels.

What is the difference between Glutaryl and Glutaryl+?

The difference between the two products is the concentration of Glutathione. Glutaryl+ has 1.75x stronger than Glutaryl.

Should I buy Glutaryl or Glutaryl+?

Glutaryl+ has a higher dosage of Glutathione than Glutaryl. This should be used if you need to boost your Glutathione levels to help with the reduction of oxidative stress. After boosting your levels, you can maintain your levels with the Glutaryl. Additionally, athletes that are constantly working out and putting extreme stress on their bodies should use the Glutaryl + to assist with recovery.

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