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Auro Wellness offers the only topical absorbable Glutathione on the market. Our unique patented technology ensures unrivaled and maximum absorbability, strength, and effectiveness. Discover the power of Auro Wellness Glutathione in healing the body and promoting vitality.

“Dr. Nayan Patel has been a trusted health advisor for mine and Sage’s personal wellness journey. His transformative glutathione doesn’t deal with quick fixes, but instead with healing the entire body.”

Tony Robbins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione (GSH), often referred to as the Master Antioxidant, is a naturally occurring tri-peptide amino acid that is the second most abundant molecule in the body – the first is water! Glutathione is vital to your wellbeing because it supports cellular health and is your first line of defense in fighting free radicals and eliminating toxins from the body. Your supply of Glutathione affects immunity, detoxification, energy, aging, and your ability to guard against disease.

If I make Glutathione, why should I supplement it?

For two reasons. The first is that the production of glutathione slows down as the body ages, beginning in your twenties. The second is that most people are subjected to a lot of toxins. From the food we eat to the air we breathe, and the products we use, we are constantly bombarded with oxidative stress and environmental stressors. The greater the assault on your body, the greater the chance that you will max out your glutathione stores.

Why should I choose Auro Wellness Glutathione?

Auro Wellness Glutathione delivers glutathione through the water channels of the skin via a sub-nano molecular delivery mechanism. This ground-breaking patented technology ensures absorbability, strength, and effectiveness that is far superior than all other forms of glutathione, including liposomal topical creams, oral supplements, and sublingual (under the tongue) delivery systems. Try it for yourself! We guarantee results or your money back.

Benefits of Glutathione

Supports Liver & Detoxification

The Liver is the clearinghouse of toxic substances for your body, and is heavily concentrated with Glutathione (GSH). GSH meets up with these toxins and deactivates them by either neutralizing them or flushing them out of the body.

Improves Athletic Performance & Speeds Recovery

Glutathione assists with cleaning up acids that are produced in your body when you endure strenuous exercise. GSH is also significantly concentrated in your lungs and low levels of GSH can impair functioning.

Boosts Immune Function

Glutathione is considered the ‘food’ for your immune systems as it is responsible for regulating, producing, and activating the immune cells that help with fighting off bacteria, viruses, and other harmful foreigners in your body.

Increases Energy

GSH protects the Mitochondria, the powerhouse of your body, from oxidative stress and helps the mitochondria stay healthier so they can produce energy.

Reduces Inflamation

GSH modulates inflammatory markers by reducing the oxidative stress that is increased by exercise, diet, environmental toxins, and stress.

Improves Brain Health

As you age, the fatty tissues in your brain oxidize leading to a decline in your information-carrying capacity. GSH helps recharge the antioxidants that assist in balancing this oxidative stress.

Conditions Related to Oxidative Stress


Viruses cause a lot of oxidative stress and are shown to reduce Glutathione levels. GSH is also responsible for regulating immune cells which are responsible for fighting off foreign invaders.


Diabetics are prone to high levels of oxidative stress due to deregulation of insulin syntheses. By reducing oxidative stress Glutathione can help prevent further damage to the body.

Cardiovascular Disease

The majority of heart diseases start with bad cholesterol in the blood vessels. Glutathione protects the heart from cellular damage caused by oxidative stress, which is known to play a role in clogging the arteries.


Cancer is on the long list of what oxidative stress can do to your body. Since Glutathione can help reduce oxidative stress and neutralize free radicals, it can help keep the secondary effects of cancer in check.

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases cause the affected cells to destroy their mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of the cell. GSH is known to help stop mitochondria destruction and deflects the oxidative stress that exacerbates autoimmune diseases.


While there are many different metabolic abnormalities with autism, one factor is that autistic children are not able to detoxify well. Glutathione is known to help support detoxification.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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From Our Customers

I work a lot of hours and have 3 small children. I also have a MTHFR mutation, which means my body doesn’t eliminate toxins or absorb nutrients like it should, arthritis, and no spleen (due to a blood disorder). Needless to say, my body needs glutathione! This spray is the best absorption method, and this company is amazing. I select the sources of my products very carefully. You cannot buy supplements just anywhere. Health is priceless.

Yolanda M.

Well Auro GSH IS revolutionary. The book title says it all. I have been BLOWN away by the results I’ve experienced in just over one week of using GSH. No other supplement I’ve ever taken even comes close. I don’t know how it works, but I am no longer bloated. I am far less fatigued. My sleep is deeper. My mood is brighter. This is not the placebo effect. My entire digestive system was working differently after just a few days of using this and I had changed nothing with my diet at all. I know it’s expensive, but the results so far from Auro GSH have made me a customer for life. This is the real deal. Nothing else has come close to doing what this has done in such a short time to improve my health. Thank you Dr. Patel and crew.

Jennifer R.

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