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Why More and More Companies are Using Glutathione in Cosmetics

Glutathione (GSH) is quickly becoming one of the star ingredients in the cosmetics industry. Given its potent antioxidant and regenerative properties, this is no surprise. But what exactly are the benefits of glutathione in cosmetics? If you’ve been wondering this, you are in the right place!

Glutathione in Cosmetics Starts With Glutathione In Your Body

Glutathione is created in the liver using amino acids that we get from food. From there, it spreads into every cell in the body, where it helps regulate cellular functions like getting energy from our food or generating new cells to replace old ones. It also acts as a powerful shield against oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress comes from free radicals, a by-product of cell activity, and damage from disease or injury. In large amounts, free radicals can damage the proteins and DNA inside cells. Over time, oxidative stress can leave us much more vulnerable to problems like chronic inflammation, premature skin aging, and diseases like cancer.

Glutathione transforms free radicals into harmless molecules so the body can eliminate them. It can also recycle parts of glutathione and other amino acids, ensuring we get the most out of them.

Glutathione and Your Skin

Some of glutathione’s most visible benefits occur in the skin. Low levels of GSH and higher levels of oxidative stress are connected with many skin problems like premature aging, acne, eczema, and rosacea.

On the other hand, higher levels of GSH mean improved cell turnover and protection from skin damage caused by pollution, sun exposure, and natural aging processes.

Skin is also key to supplementing GSH. We do not absorb glutathione very well orally. Some doctors provide GSH as an IV infusion or injection, but this is not yet FDA-approved and GSH given through IV may only stay in our systems for a few hours. Transdermal formulations, however, allow us to absorb the maximum amount of glutathione and get maximum benefits.

Why is Glutathione Used in Cosmetics?

In cosmetics, glutathione is added to sprays, creams, and lotions because it can help improve signs of skin aging and preserve the collagen and elastin that keeps skin looking healthy and radiant. 

It can also brighten skin. Darker skin areas like blemishes, scars, and sun spots come from melanin, which the body releases in response to skin damage. GSH controls the release of melanin and helps convert it into a lighter color.

In his own practice, Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel has seen a remarkable improvement in the skin appearance of many clients, including long time tennis players who had accrued considerable skin damage. You can find this and much more in his comprehensive guide to GSH: Glutathione Revolution.

How to Integrate Glutathione into Your Cosmetic Routine

When choosing a glutathione cosmetic product, it is vital that it provides a form of it that your body will absorb. Otherwise, you may be throwing your money away!

Auro Skincare offers ground-breaking sub-nanotechnology that delivers GSH into the skin with a high rate of absorbability so that you know you’re getting the most from your investment.

GSH is particularly helpful in creating the best possible base for your cosmetic adventures. The Auro Skincare line has special formulations for the beginning and end of your day. Auro WAKE[Auro WAKE product page] first primes and protects the skin. Then Auro REST unlocks skin’s regenerative properties while you sleep. Both include the highest quality ingredients like Vitamins C and E and CoQ10 enzyme.

If you prefer a limited ingredient glutathione supplement, check out the Auro GSH, which is intended for spot treatment and problem areas. 

Glutathione is finally being recognized for the amazing resource it is. Add these highly effective products to your cosmetics routine and watch your skin transform! 

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