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What You Need to Know About Glutathione Creams

The demand for Glutathione creams and lotions has been increasing in the last several years. This is no surprise, since we’ve long known that glutathione not only improves skin appearance but also helps you function better from head to toe, inside and out. But it’s important to note that not all types of glutathione are made equally. 

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of glutathione creams and which products have the best results.

How Glutathione Helps Us

Glutathione is immensely helpful both for internal health and outward appearance. Our bodies use amino acids to build glutathione in the liver. From there, it is sent into every cell we have so that it can help regulate cell activity and manage our levels of free radicals.

Free radicals are created as a by-product of chemical reactions in the cell. This is especially true for reactions to things that stress the body like injury, disease, or the increasing amount of toxins found in everyday life. Accumulate too many free radicals and they can overwhelm our systems, damaging the proteins and DNA inside our cells. This is called oxidative stress and research has linked it to a range of health problems like acne, cancer, or asthma.

Fortunately for us, glutathione is able to find and transform free radicals into safer molecules that the body can process, limiting oxidative stress. As if that wasn’t enough, GSH also boosts cell turnover and promotes the body’s natural healing and regenerative capabilities. 

These benefits have a profound impact on improving the appearance and health of our skin.

How Glutathione Repairs and Protects Skin

There have been many studies on the restorative and protective properties of GSH for our skin.

  • As one of the body’s main detoxifiers, glutathione can reduce or reverse the signs of oxidative stress like dull or dry skin, leading to an overall smoother and brighter appearance. 
  • GSH boosts cell turnover and limits the activity of tyrosinase (an enzyme responsible for melanin production), which can lighten dark spots from age, blemishes, or scars. 
  • Higher levels of GSH are also known to boost cellular regeneration and improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Glutathione can help with skin diseases like psoriasis. One study gave GSH supplements to psoriasis patients along with their existing treatments. After taking glutathione, every patient saw improvement in psoriasis symptoms, showing that glutathione works well with established treatments like pharmaceuticals.
  • Blood samples from people with severe acne show low GSH and higher oxidative stress, a possible cause for frequent acne breakouts. 

Which Glutathione Cream is Right for You?

Currently, the best way to supplement GSH is through the skin via a spray, cream, or lotion. Although you can purchase Glutathione oral supplements, it’s not recommended because the process of digestion breaks down the molecules. By applying Glutathione to the skin for absorption, you can bypass the process of digestion, enabling the molecules to enter directly into the body. 

But which topical glutathione brand is best?

To get the maximum benefit of GSH, the best formulations provide glutathione as a molecule small enough to pass through the skin’s natural barriers. (Otherwise, you are not getting a full return on your investment.) If the formula is designed specifically for skincare, it should also have high quality ingredients proven to help skin. 

While there are many glutathione products on the market, only Auro uses groundbreaking sub-nanotechnology to deliver a highly absorbable form of GSH. These light-yet-powerful formulations combine bioavailable glutathione with the best skincare ingredients like Resveratrol and Vitamin E. 

  • Auro REST is a nourishing nighttime healer, boosting the skin’s regenerative functions when they are most active. 
  • Meanwhile, Auro WAKE acts as a protective lotion, makeup primer, or aftershave all in one, protecting skin from the rigors of the day.

Auro Skincare products give you the benefits of glutathione inside and out. With their highly absorbable formulas and top tier skincare ingredients, these creams not only improve skin appearance (particularly for problems like acne), they also improve skin cell function, leading to real and lasting results.

A Caution Against DIY

Some people purchase GSH and add it to another lotion or cream. But it is impossible to guarantee that GSH will mix evenly through the product or to know just how much GSH you’re getting! 

If you want a way of getting the benefits of glutathione while still using your own lotions, you should look at general glutathione sprays: Auro GSH Spray and Auro Glutaryl, which can be applied anywhere on the body, including problem skin areas like the face. 

It’s clear that glutathione creams, lotions, and other beauty products are here to stay. It’s also clear why that’s good news, since we can now leverage this tiny molecule to make us feel better and look better!

To get the full picture of how glutathione works, the benefits it brings, and detailed plans on how to integrate it into your healthcare regimen, check out Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel’s book Glutathione Revolution.

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