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Glutathione for Energy

Got Low Energy? You’re Not Alone, and Glutathione Can Help

Most of us suffer from low energy at one time or another. That feeling of sluggish malaise can  keep us from getting to the bottom of our to-do list, sometimes even from getting off the couch!

There are many reasons for low energy in this modern world – stress, lack of quality sleep, too much screen time…the reasons are endless.

To get the bottom of it – and the NATURAL way to find more energy, it’s time to talk about Glutathione.

Glutathione: Help for energy-producing mitochondria

The mitochondria in our cells are powerhouses- they make most of the energy for the cell.  Their big job is to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary energy currency. 

#1 Glutathione helps mitochondrial health and function

When cells and tissue have an abundance of stressors, also called oxygen-reactive species (ROS), they need adequate detoxification to balance those reactive products. For that energy-producing mitochondria to function well, it needs protection from oxidative stress. This is where Glutathione comes in: Glutathione’s critical role as an energy regulator is to support mitochondrial function by protecting cells from oxidative stress. 

Glutathione detoxifies and balances free radicals. When it is ample in the cells and tissue – it affects overall health in many ways – including energy! It is the main line of defense for maintaining the appropriate mitochondrial environment to avoid mitochondrial dysfunction and cell death.

#2 Glutathione’s Master Antioxidant power creates homeostasis

The ideal mitochondrial environment is called the balanced cellular redox state; without it, the metabolic process (including energy production) does not function correctly. The oxidative stress can be balanced with Glutathione to reach this balanced state (aka homeostasis). Then the energy generation processes can work. 

In short, not only is Glutathione involved in antioxidant defense, but also in the regulation of cellular metabolic functions. Balanced Cellular Redox State = Good Energy Levels.

#3 Glutathione helps to regulate and generate ATP – for energy!

Let’s go back to the mitochondria’s #1 job: to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s primary energy currency. Fatty acids must are broken down to generate ATP. This is a necessary process that needs to run efficiently for energy production in the body to be efficient as well.

Glutathione is involved in regulating fatty acid oxidation. It is essential in promoting fatty acid metabolism, which significantly influences energy production – another way in which Gluathione’s role is essential for efficient energy production in the body.

Now that we know WHAT Glutathione does for energy – how do you ensure you have enough of this energy imperative?

As we age, our natural levels of Glutathione decline. Couple this with the many daily stressors—stress itself, UV rays, bad food choices, insufficient sleep, and on and on. 

To have healthy levels of Glutathione – it’s essential to avoid everyday stressors and look for a lifestyle of moderate exercise and Glutathione boosting foods. A Glutathione boosting diet is featured in Dr. Nayan Patel’s The Glutathione Revolution and includes foods like avocado, strawberries, orange, spinach, carrots, fish, and more.

Supplements can be very beneficial in boosting Glutathione levels, but delivery is essential.  Auro’s Glutaryl uses first-of-its-kind delivery of the Master Antioxidant. Dr. Nayan Patel has spent decades researching Glutathione and developed a delivery method that gets Glutathione deeper into the reaches of the dermis and optimizes antioxidant absorption and efficacy. Auro’s patented Glutaryl is the most robust and effective way to get the most out of this powerful transdermal supplement to improve health and significantly aid in improving energy levels, weight loss, and detox. 
Now that you know the importance of Glutathione, boost your levels naturally. Don’t get stuck in a low-energy cycle. Visit to learn more.

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