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Newsmax Health Suggests Glutathione for Healthy Aging

If you’re feeling tired lately, or minor aches are becoming part of your everyday life, this Newsmax Health article explains why you may want to replenish your glutathione levels.

Newsmax invited Dr. Nayan Patel to share why our glutathione levels decline with age and why having adequate glutathione may help slow the aging process. He also offers his expert advice for increasing your glutathione levels.

 “And as we age, our need for glutathione increases because we encounter more daily assaults from the environment and everyday stress,” says Patel in the article. “But unfortunately, our bodies manufacture less. And there is a small percentage of the population who do not make enough glutathione on their own. For example, most children and adults who have autism or varying spectrum disorders, also have very low levels of glutathione.”

Glutathione supports detoxification in the brain, liver and kidneys. It is essential for healthy immune function and it increases energy, among many other functions. “Since glutathione’s job is to reduce the overall toxic load in our body, it allows the body to do what it is designed to do, which is age gracefully,” Patel explains. 

A healthier lifestyle can help reduce your body’s need for glutathione. This includes limiting alcohol consumption. Also, be careful not to expose yourself to environmental toxins and chemicals. Manage your stress levels. All of these things can deplete your stores of glutathione

Foods and supplements that support healthy glutathione levels

Patel gave Newsmax Health readers several suggestions for foods that are either naturally rich in glutathione — such as spinach, avocados and asparagus — and those that help the body to manufacture glutathione including garlic, onions and lean protein. Additional foods, plus recipes and action plans for kicking your glutathione production into high gear can be found in his book, “The Glutathione Revolution.”

Newsmax Health journalist Lynn Allison concludes her article by telling readers about Auro’s Glutaryl. “Patel and his team have developed a patented technology that delivers a stable form of GSH into the body through the skin. It’s a spray supplement called Glutaryl that is used twice daily to help build optimum glutathione levels,” she writes.

Glutaryl is made with pharmaceutical-grade active ingredients. Many people experience benefits starting the first time they use it.

What are you missing out on in your life because you’re not sleeping well, or because you don’t feel good enough to stay active?  Improving your glutathione levels may help you reclaim your quality of life.

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