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Customer Spotlight: Rory Carruthers

The Glutathione Solution

Rory Carruthers is a 7x Bestselling Author and, as creator of The Bestseller Method, has helped over 1000 business owners create over one billion in revenue. His work in sales and marketing has put him on the map; he’s been featured in major media outlets, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC. 

However, this hardworking entrepreneur hit a wall a couple of years ago. Brain fog and fatigue took over, and from someone “firing on all cylinders, all the time,” it stopped him in his tracks. 

“I went from 16-hour work days with no problem to 2-hour work days in the blink of an eye. The brain fog has made it beyond difficult to focus, which is usually a strength of mine.”

This brain fog soon became detrimental to his career-executive functioning went right out the door. Memory issues led to forgetting appointments and client projects. Many days required several hour naps to make it through; some days, it was hard for him to speak. His good days were few and far between-getting him to the point where he would only have one “good” day per month. 

Desperate for a solution, Rory went to the doctor; with no answers, he headed to another doctor until finally, he had visited seventeen doctors and taken hundreds of tests. Every proposed solution failed; there was still no answer as to what was happening to his brain function.

“I was desperate to feel like my old self again. To run my business to my high standards and be there daily for my family.”

By chance, Rory was introduced to Dr. Nayan Patel of Auro Wellness. Dr. Patel has been studying Glutathione for over 20 years. The naturally occurring antioxidant, the “Master Antioxidant,” plays a massive role in overall health, vibrancy, and cognitive function. 

“Dr. Patel called me within 10 minutes of emailing some questions. That type of service is nearly non-existent today. Not only did he answer my questions, but he really listened and empathized with my situation. He gave recommendations beyond the scope of his products, showing that he genuinely cares.”

Glutathione for Brain Fog

The detoxifying qualities of Glutathione create homeostasis in cells and tissues, “clearing out” the free radicals that want to tax the body by creating oxidative stress. Oxidative stress has a hand in contributing to cognitive decline and memory issues. Studies show that Glutathione’s detoxifying qualities can help to maintain cognitive function. While Glutathione is a naturally occurring antioxidant in the body, it not only declines with age but also declines the more the body “uses up” Glutathione stores to battle against free radicals. 

Based on his extensive research, Dr. Patel developed a way to supplement the body with Glutathione for better health and cognitive function, with optimal absorption and efficacy. The Auro GSH™ Antioxidant Delivery System, a patented, first-of-its-kind technology, is the delivery for Auro’s Glutaryl, a patented antioxidant spray that harnesses the power of Glutathione so the skin can absorb it more potently than ever before. 

After talking to Dr. Patel, Rory was ready to try Glutaryl. “I was excited to try Glutaryl, but I was also skeptical that it would do anything or that I would have an adverse reaction since that has been my experience with various treatments for the last two years. The bottle arrived, and I started using it within minutes. I followed Dr. Patel’s protocol and noticed something was different after about five minutes.”

Rory first noticed that the pain in the arch of his left foot stopped hurting, and his energy felt a little higher. The following day, he felt more clear-headed, and his brain was firing in ways it hadn’t in the last two years, with a sense of clarity in his thoughts. Each day since, there has been a noticeable improvement. 

Proven Results Using Glutaryl

“Now, this isn’t only my subjective feelings about it. A week before starting Glutaryl, I started brain training that measures the blood oxygen levels in my brain’s prefrontal cortex, concentration levels, and neural activity. Within a few days of starting Glutaryl, my blood flow and concentration levels more than tripled, and my neural activity doubled. I sent the results to Dr. Patel because it was hard to believe such a drastic improvement.”

Rory has made zero changes in supplements, medications, and diet except for his use of Glutaryl-and did not use any other therapy or inventions. 

“My goal was to know 100% if the Glutaryl works without muddying the waters. For me, it works great. I’ve been completing projects hanging over my head for the past two years. I’m thinking clearly and making better decisions. I’m feeling like the person I used to be,  and it’s all thanks to Glutaryl and Dr. Patel.” 

Four sprays of Glutaryl a day may be what your body needs to function optimally. To learn more about the incredible effects of Glutathione on the body, read Dr. Nayan Patel’s The Glutathione Revolution

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