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Antioxidants for Natural Anti Aging Skincare

While we all experience signs of skin aging, not all of us are interested in procedures like filler injections, abrasions, or harsh chemical peels. Fortunately, antioxidants like Vitamin C and glutathione (GSH) can provide effective and natural anti-aging skincare by controlling oxidative stress while treating skin complaints.

Oxidative Stress Makes Skin Aging Worse

As we age, our skin loses its ability to hold moisture, repair damage, generate new cells and create collagen. This leads to common (and bothersome) signs of skin aging like:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Changes in oil production (too little or too much)
  • Hyperpigmentation (dark spots or uneven skin tone)
  • Rough patches
  • Sagging or loose skin

What’s more, all of this is made worse by oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress happens due to a buildup of free radicals: unstable molecules created by certain cellular functions or as a result of trauma through injury, disease, or toxin exposure.

Free radicals attack healthy cells, damaging their DNA and wreaking havoc on the body. Research ties oxidative stress to a host of health problems from chronic inflammation to acne. It can also speed up or worsen signs of skin aging.

Antioxidants Fight Oxidative Stress

Fortunately, our bodies have a weapon against this onslaught: antioxidants. Antioxidants disarm free radicals before they can damage cells, protecting us from oxidative stress. That’s why getting plenty of antioxidants is crucial for our overall health, including skin appearance and function.

Antioxidants for Natural Anti Aging Skincare

The primary way to maintain a good supply of antioxidants is to make sure you eat plenty of antioxidant-rich food (see Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel’s comprehensive guide Glutathione Revolution for tips and action plans for this). But including antioxidants in your skincare routine is also a great foundation for natural anti-aging skincare.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A can be a potent method of stimulating collagen growth and cell turnover. You will often see it in the form of retinol or retinoids. Retinol is a gentler version while retinoids often require a prescription.

Vitamin C

Not just for colds, vitamin C also promotes collagen as well as brightening overall skin tone. This makes it particularly effective in treating hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Vitamin E

A well-known and beloved skin nutrient, vitamin E strengthens the skin barrier and helps it retain moisture, soothing and softening rough, dry patches.


Glutathione is not only a powerful antioxidant but performs crucial internal functions like managing immune cell production or even maintaining our overall antioxidant supply. GSH has the ability to recycle itself and lend electrons to spent antioxidants, getting them ready to fight again. This is critical when it comes to controlling oxidative stress.

Beyond this, GSH is a true workhorse ingredient for skin: repairing old damage, stimulating new growth, lightening dark spots, fading scars, lessening redness, reducing acne, and improving overall skin function. And since GSH is already one of the most plentiful substances in the human body, it’s the perfect tool for natural anti-aging skincare.

The Auro Skin Protocol combines antioxidants (including plenty of glutathione) with premium skincare ingredients to deliver a total anti-aging skincare package, with formulations for both day and night. This makes it simple to keep skin happy no matter what time may throw your way.

The aging process can be very hard on skin, but it doesn’t have to be. By turning to allies like antioxidants, we can support our skin naturally and age gracefully!

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