Glutathione Revolution

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At the forefront of the latest GSH research, Dr. Nayan Patel shares all the information you need to boost your glutathione levels, revitalize your body, and transform your life with this naturally-occurring super antioxidant. In The Glutathione Revolution, he addresses the most important questions about GSH: What exactly is glutathione? What happens when your GSH levels are low? What diseases does GSH ward off? How can you naturally increase the amount of GSH your cells produce? What foods should you eat–and not eat? What are the safest and most effective GSH supplements? With a wealth of practical information and three easy, accessible action plans that you can tailor to your own life and health concerns, you too can harness the power of glutathione.


8 reviews for Glutathione Revolution

  1. No Name

    This is the best health book I’ve read all year! Dr. Patel’s book clearly explains the importance of glutathione for health, and how its lack can cause many types of problems. He explains how to increase your body’s own glutathione, as well as how to supplement so that your body can use it. This knowledge will help a lot of people! I highly recommend this book — I would give it ten stars if I could!

  2. Justin

    I LOVED this book; it’s filled with incredible knowledge of practical applications of glutathione and the clinically-reviewed science behind it.

    The author makes it easy to understand gives tons of ideas on how to naturally increase your body’s glutathione production.

    Absolutely worth the read if you’re a fan of longevity, anti-aging and health.

  3. Kim Reid

    Great information and so happy I take a Glutathione Precursor now. Been using it for 2 months and will forever. We need to take our health back and be our own advocates.

  4. Noirgirl

    Wow – I would go so far as to say this is a life-changing book. If you are interested in health and functional medicine, or suffering from any kind of medical issue, you must check this out.

    If you’ve had any kind of weird physical ailments, fatigue, fibromyalgia, brain fog or similar (*raises hand*) you may have been searching for ways to feel better, and in that search you may already have heard of glutathione. I too knew about it from my own research, but found this book to be by far the most in-depth look at glutathione for non-scientific folks that I’ve ever read.

    You should know up front that this author is a pharmacist and is, as he admits, “in the glutathione business” — he sells a transdermal solution. Despite that though, I did not feel this book was giving me the hard sell at all. In fact, it provides many many ways to increase your body’s own production of glutathione through supplementation, nutrition, exercise, sun protection (who knew) and more.

    This book accurately reflects my own experience with IV glutathione (effective but only for a few hours) and explains scientifically what that’s true. So don’t go wasting your money on pricey glutathione IVs like I did about three times. It also has a lot of really valuable advice and charts on nutrition, and tons of ideas for increasing glutathione production through food and relatively inexpensive and low-risk supplements.

    I am really glad I had the chance to preview this book because it reinforced what I already knew but also expanded it greatly with much more very accessible science and practicality. I’m going to start trying some of the nutrition and supplementation tips immediately.

    Thanks to NetGalley, Nayan Patel and Hachette for this great and informative book. I will let you all know my results!

    UPDATE: I was convinced enough by this book to try the author’s glutathione spray and IT WORKS. (You don’t need to buy it – lots to gain from this book either way but I’m amazed at the difference it has made for me. On my second bottle.)

  5. R. Balboa

    A friend of mine gave me a copy of this book and I read it cover to cover in 2 days. Since then I have been following a lot of the tactics outlined to increase my Glutathione levels. I feel like I am more alert and have a lot more energy throughout the day. I liked it so much I have been buying them for other friends whom I know will benefit from “The Glutathione Revolution”

  6. R. Stancato

    We just received our copy and can’t put this book down! It’s so great to feel like we are understanding the biology behind why and how glutathione is SO important. The metaphors explaining how glutathione works so that non-medical people can grasp it are super helpful! We’ve been believers in glutathione for years but didn’t quite understand how vast it’s needs and roles were in our bodies. Love all the personal stories too!

  7. Dave

    This is a comprehensive book on glutathione. It does a perfect job of taking the complexities of biological chemistry and simplifying it into very practical and useful terms. A much easier read than I thought it would be. This book has helped me improve my diet and lifestyle. I can feel a big improvement to my immune system. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to take their health seriously, which is important now more than ever before.

  8. Elliot Berger

    I just started reading this book this morning, and I am almost half way through. I had to pull out my highlighter because I’m learning things I NEVER knew—about how badly our bodies need glutathione!! It almost makes me angry because I can’t believe I haven’t heard this stuff before! I’ve used topical GSH to help heal my tattoos, but then I noticed it was helping with my anxiety…And now I know why!! Fascinating read!

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