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The Ultimate Immunity Kit for the Holidays!

The Holiday’s mean constant outings and the start of cold and flu season. But it doesn’t have to!

We all know the basics to stay as germ-free as we can:

Wash your hands, get plenty of rest, and eat healthy – all powerful ways to keep germs at bay and immunity strong.

But Auro has put together a 1-2-3 punch of immunity helpers to keep your families’ immunity fighting power at full throttle. If you arm your body with antioxidants, they can help immune cells function properly and effectively eliminate germs.

Here’s how:

Start with two powerful antioxidants, Glutathione, found in Auro’s Glutaryl, and Vitamin C, found in Auro’s Vitamin C Complete. Add Auro’s Magnesium Complex to help white blood cells’ ability to seek out and destroy germs. All three are bundled together to make The Ultimate Immunity Kit – the most essential item this holiday season.

Auro’s Ultimate Immunity Kit, reduced packaged price of $169.95, includes:

  1. Auro’s Glutaryl

Glutathione is a Master Antioxidant that plays a significant role in the immunity function of PBMCs, a type of white blood cell in the body that plays a crucial role in the immune system by providing antioxidant defense and detoxifying power. Glutathione binds to harmful free radicals in cells, making them less toxic and more quickly eliminated from the body so they can not cause damage to PBMCs, helping protect you from sickness and illness. The robust homeostasis that Glutathione brings to balance the cells prevents inflammatory responses in the body, which can lead to infection and diseases.

Why Auro’s Glutaryl?

  • Due to the powerful and patented Auro GSH™ Antioxidant Delivery System, Glutaryl uses first-of-its-kind patented technology to optimize antioxidant absorption and efficacy. The subcutaneous delivery of this Master Antioxidant means a more powerful impact on the body with just four sprays two times a day. Easy to use for kids and adults alike!
  • A recent pilot study of Glutaryl shows that topical absorption of Glutathione “was associated with improved immune function against M. avium infection.” Supplementation with Gluataryl alone is an impactful way to increase immune function. 
  1. Auro’s Vitamin C Complete

Vitamin C does so many good things for the body. Like Glutathione, it serves as an antioxidant. It also helps the body absorb iron, keeping bones, muscles, and blood vessels healthy. Vitamin C powerfully helps the immune system by balancing against free radical damage but also gets accolades for shortening the duration of colds.

Why Auro’s Vitamin C?

  • Auro’s Vitamin C Complete provides 750 mg of buffered vitamin C with 3 mg of BioPerine® to enhance bioavailability. BioPerine® is a proprietary extract from black pepper that has been shown in clinical studies to increase the bioavailability of vitamin C by up to 40%.
  1. Auro’s Magnesium Complex

Just add magnesium to round out this immune-boosting trio. Magnesium helps keep the immune system strong in essential ways, like decreasing inflammatory response by regulating the release of pro-inflammatory molecules. It also improves the white blood cells’ ability to seek out and destroy germs. It’s an essential immune booster, and healthy magnesium levels are also crucial for overall good health – research has linked mice with a low-magnesium diet to weaker immune defenses against influenza, and cancer spread faster in those mice.

Why Auro’s Magnesium Complex?

  • It’s a highly absorbable form of magnesium – greater bioavailability for a more significant impact on immunity.

There you have it – the immunity-boosting trio your family needs this year to stay healthy, vibrant, and strong! Auro Wellness combines revolutionary ingredients, cutting-edge patented sub-nano absorption technology, and a straightforward system for healthy living – all crafted from the heart.

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