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5 Things to Consider When You Buy Glutathione

The demand for glutathione (GSH) supplements is on the rise as more people learn of the amazing role GSH plays in maintaining our health. But not all supplements are made equally. If you’re looking to buy glutathione, there are some important factors to consider.

5 Things to Consider When You Buy Glutathione


Taking a glutathione supplement won’t be very helpful if it doesn’t deliver GSH in a form your body can use.

While glutathione pills and under-tongue drops are popular, they are likely not very effective. Our bodies synthesize GSH using amino acids from food. So when we eat GSH, our digestive system pulls the molecules apart into those building blocks. You would get better results from eating foods that promote GSH production (as Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel details in Glutathione Revolution).

Transdermal supplements like Auro’s patented Gutaryl, on the other hand, are much more effective, particularly when they use a reduced form of the glutathione molecule. Auro is one of the few brands to use sub-nanotechnology to ensure maximum absorbability so you get the most from every spray! 


It’s also important to establish how strong a supplement is. You may absorb a product just fine, but it won’t do much good if there’s not a high enough concentration of GSH. 

One easy way to estimate potency is to check how the product smells. Strong glutathione has a distinct sulfur-like smell which tells you it’s still active and ready to go to work. Once applied, the scent should dissipate in a few minutes.

Safety and Ease of Application

Another popular supplement form is whole GSH molecules delivered by injection or with an IV infusion. This is certainly absorbable and potent but it also requires visits to a doctor’s office or clinic. That means more time and expense and potentially less safety than a transdermal product. 

If you’re interested in getting GSH this way, be sure to work with a reputable facility that has qualified staff on site. 


You should also know how long your supplemental glutathione will be active. With IVs and injections, the body uses up GSH very quickly. This can mean repeated clinic visits if you want long term results. We also don’t yet know how oral or injected GSH can alter glutathione levels over time.

Transdermal supplements may be a better bet since it takes the body longer to process GSH provided this way. Sprays and creams are also easier to apply consistently every day.

Manufacturer Transparency

It’s quick and easy to buy GSH pills or injections online, but that certainly doesn’t mean safe. Take some time to know the source of the product you’re buying: is this a retailer stocking from different suppliers or are you getting it directly from the manufacturer? Is the manufacturer available if you have concerns?

At Auro, for example, we clearly state the ingredients we use (all of them the highest quality) and follow best manufacturing practices. We also provide information and ongoing support, meaning customers can directly communicate with us any time.

While finding the right supplement can feel intimidating, it doesn’t have to be! Now that you know how to determine the strength, efficacy, and safety of GSH supplements, you can confidently explore your options and decide where and how to buy glutathione.

For more info on GSH, check out our posts on the benefits of glutathione and why it’s called the Master of All Antioxidants.

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