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Glutathione Injections: Do they Work?

These days, glutathione (GSH) injections are offered at many medical spas and clinics or sold online for at-home use. Given the many benefits of glutathione, the popularity of these treatments is understandable. However, there are some things you should know if you’re considering glutathione injections for yourself.

How Glutathione Injections Work

Glutathione is one of the most plentiful and important substances in our bodies. Often called the “Mother of All Antioxidants”, GSH is crucial for regulating how our cells function and disarming the harmful free radicals that accumulate from cellular processes. This, in turn, prevents oxidative stress from damaging our cells.

Getting Glutathione Into the Body

While we synthesize glutathione using amino acids from food, our natural supply often falls short of our needs, especially as we age. As a large and unstable molecule, glutathione is difficult to supplement. GSH is also broken up in the digestive system, meaning glutathione pills are likely not very effective.

Instead, practitioners and the public have turned to GSH injections as a way to quickly deliver the whole GSH molecule directly into the bloodstream or muscle. These can be given either as a small volume shot or as a longer IV infusion.

Combining Glutathione with Supplements and Medications

Some clinics offer custom injections or IV infusions where glutathione is combined with other vitamins and minerals. Exactly which supplements depends on the desired outcome, but common GSH companions include:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C
  • B Vitamins

These “cocktails” are used to treat a variety of conditions. The most common are pain disorders like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but some clinics offer them as part of detoxification treatments or even as hangover cures!

There is also evidence that glutathione injections can help with cancer treatments. One clinical trial in the UK showed that glutathione given with chemotherapy reduced side effects. Another Italian study found similar results when patients were given a glutathione infusion before chemotherapy.

Pros and Cons of Glutathione Injections

Glutathione injections are said to boost the benefits provided by the glutathione our bodies produce. However, they are not without risk.

Health Boosting and Skin Lightening

Many studies show that boosting glutathione levels reduces oxidative stress and increases our natural healing capabilities. This can reduce symptoms of conditions from Parkinson’s disease to psoriasis. It can also help address nonspecific issues like general fatigue, dull skin, or stubborn weight gain.

One particularly popular goal is lightening overall skin tone. There is evidence to suggest that glutathione reduces the production of melanin and helps fade dark spots from aging or scarring, as shown in this 2014 study.

Short Term Safety 

Glutathione injections are currently not FDA approved and there is little regulation on how they can be provided or sold for self-administration. Therefore, you should avoid self-injection packs and vet any facility where you get treatment to ensure qualified medical staff are present. 

Long Term Effectiveness

Even with reputable practitioners, it takes repeated injections over a period of weeks or months to see improvements in skin appearance and they may not last once injections are stopped

Additionally, glutathione added directly to the bloodstream is only active for a short time, so it may not be effective for consistently raising GSH levels over time.

Using Transdermal Glutathione Instead

Transdermal solutions are the most effective delivery method for GSH. Auro’s patented Glutaryl spray is made with the best manufacturing processes, using sub-nanotechnology to provide glutathione in a safe and highly absorbable form.

That means you get all the health and skin benefits without the risks of injections or the hassle and expense of repeated office visits. You also get ongoing support! We’re here any time to answer questions or concerns.

To learn more about this miracle molecule, check out “All About Glutathione” or “The Benefits of Glutathione”. Or get a comprehensive look, including clear plans for increasing your GSH, with Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel’s Glutathione Revolution.

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