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Are Liposomal Glutathione Supplements Any Good?

The wellness world is seeing new glutathione (GSH) supplements appear every day as more people are looking for the best way to get the miracle molecule. One popular form is liposomal glutathione. But are liposomal glutathione supplements any good?

Why Glutathione is Important for Wellness

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier that works to protect cell function throughout our bodies. Often called the “mother” or “master” antioxidant, it plays a crucial role in boosting performance of other antioxidants, like Vitamin C. It also helps control oxidative stress by limiting harmful free radicals that can damage cell DNA.

Research shows that low GSH and high oxidative stress are linked to a variety of health concerns from general fatigue to skin problems (like acne and rosacea) to certain cancers and chronic inflammatory diseases.

On the other hand, a variety of studies show that supplementing GSH can reduce symptoms and increase efficacy of other treatments in many of these same conditions. Many people also see improvement in stubborn problems like weight gain, skin issues, fatigue, etc by increasing their glutathione.

Although our bodies create glutathione using amino acids from our food, GSH stores can be quickly depleted by illness or exposure to toxins. GSH production also naturally slows down as we age. This is where supplements come in!

What is Liposomal Glutathione?

Glutathione molecules are large and highly reactive. This makes them difficult to turn into a reliable supplement. Some manufacturers try to get around this by creating liposomal glutathione.

A liposome (also called a vesicle) is a very small bubble with a fat-soluble exterior and water-soluble interior. In medicine, they are used as a delivery method to get substances into our bodies. Essentially, a liposome is an oil bubble that can protect substances from harsh stomach acids or the protective skin barrier.

Since their structure is very similar to our own mucosal tissues, liposomes can hold a small amount of a water-soluble substance and carry it through tissues to the bloodstream. Liposomal glutathione is often used as sublingual drops where the supplement is absorbed under the tongue.

How Effective is Liposomal Glutathione?

One 2019 study found that daily oral (sublingual) liposomal glutathione supplements did increase glutathione levels overall. However, every liposomal GSH manufacturer differs in glutathione strength and quality. It is also difficult to know how much GSH is actually making it through to your bloodstream since substances absorb more slowly through mucosal tissue. So while these products are simple to use, they are not the most reliable.

This is why transdermal sub-nanotechnology delivery of glutathione is considered superior. Sub-nanotechnology reduces the GSH molecules so they can be delivered through the skin barrier for maximum bioavailability. This results in high absorbability and effectiveness.

Auro Wellness is one of the premier companies to use sub-nanotechnology delivery of glutathione. Their Glutaryl product is backed by solid research and manufacturing best practices so you know you’re getting the most from every dose!

Questions? Reach out to us! Or learn all the ins and outs of supplementing glutathione (including detailed action plans for increasing your supply) in Auro founder Dr. Nayan Patel’s comprehensive Glutathione Revolution.

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