4 ways to increase glutathione levels naturally
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Author: Auro Team

4 Natural Ways to Increase Your Glutathione Levels 

Glutathione: the body’s master antioxidant with “superpower” is in every cell of your body.

It’s your disease-fighting, toxin-eliminating, age-preventing beautifier and your first line of defense against free radicals.

Even more remarkable is that glutathione is naturally produced by your body. Your body creates glutathione by combining three amino acids. It can also get glutathione from glutathione-containing foods. 

This all sounds excellent if your glutathione levels are high, but what if they aren’t? The reality is that at around 20 years old, glutathione levels start to drop and then continue to drop as you age.  The problem is – you need glutathione EVEN MORE as you age. From environmental stressors to more strenuous workouts, to stress, or the cumulation of not taking care of yourself over time – all these things and more tear down glutathione stores. It’s as simple as this: if you use a shampoo with tons of chemicals, your body works extra hard and uses more glutathione stores to get those toxins out of your body. (Remember, it’s a master toxin eliminator!)

So, if your glutathione levels are dropping due to age, and your glutathione stores are dropping as they fight the free radicals in your life, the free radicals are winning. And that’s how you have oxidative stress.

This leads us to the big question: How do you naturally get more glutathione in your body? 

The good news is that glutathione can build itself; it just needs to be kicked into gear!

Here’s what you can do: Adopt these four lifestyle habits that preserve and build glutathione naturally.

1. Eat the right foods and avoid the wrong foods

  • Nix processed foods with preservatives, pesticides, and heavy metals. Your body will spend less glutathione fighting these free radicals.
  • Focus on foods that promote a GSH-boosting diet; some great options are avocado, oranges, spinach, tomatoes, and watermelon. 
  • Supplement with a strategy, and always check with your healthcare provider first. Supplements that boost GSH include coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, magnesium glycinate, and more.
  • Traditionally, glutathione supplements haven’t worked very well. All delivery systems are not equal. For example, an IV drip delivery of glutathione has effects lasting only 30 minutes to three hours. Dr. Patel worked with Dr. Chinh Tran to manipulate the actual glutathione molecule to keep it in a reduced and water-soluble form. This way, a topical solution can deliver GSH through the skin’s pores. This discovery, Glutaryl, has been a groundbreaking way to deliver glutathione with rapid absorption. 

2. Exercise 

  • Exercise helps boost the manufacture of glutathione and create a more efficient release from the tissues. There is also some evidence that if you exercise throughout your life, you will maintain higher glutathione levels as you age. 

3. Avoid toxins as much as possible 

  • Be an alert consumer and avoid products that contain substances we know are not suitable for us. Top offenders include bisphenol-A found in plastics and food packaging, phthalates found in plastics, solvents, personal care products, and parabens found in cosmetics, body care products, and more. 

4. Address stress

  • Keeping stress levels low daily can help conserve antioxidants, including glutathione. Try meditation for three to seven minutes, two times daily to free your mind of clutter. Take a walk outside in nature or a long bath.

Be on your way to a healthier you with some simple changes to increase glutathione. Endless benefits include better overall wellness, more energy, and even better skin due to more significant cell turnover and collagen creation. Find a 14 Day Glutathione-boosting action plan in Dr. Patal’s book The Glutathione Revolution.

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